UpTime OnTime, Inc. (UTOT) IT Outsourcing is a professional IT Management service that utilizes our entire team of technical talent and support staff taking on the responsibility of coordinating preventative maintenance, documentation, hardware issues, IT training and more all at a discounted hourly rate.

Professional Site Management

We are like having your very own IT department without the costs of workers compensation, payroll taxes, wages, and vacation or sick time.

We save you time and money by providing regular preventative maintenance and monitoring of your network. Almost immediately, your costs will be much lower than having ONE part or full time employee.

Other Advantages of Outsourcing your IT to UTOT:

Your scheduled time is guaranteed. Once we confirm your time slot, keep a list of tasks and issues for your engineer to take care of once he/she arrives. We will work with you to customize and implement a schedule that needs your needs and budget.

  • Easy monthly billing
  • Support can be as few as 4 hours a month to 40 hours a week. No matter what your needs are, we have a program that can fit your needs and budget
  • Unused time never expires and can be rolled over for future support requests