About Us

UpTime OnTime, Inc. (UTOT) was founded in 2002 by Chris Ulmer and Justine Ulmer to help businesses implement and manage their technology investments. Together they posses more than 30 years of combined IT and Project Management experience. As your trusted IT source, our core function is to ensure that the technology investments you make are efficient and cost effective. We strive to eliminate the mysteries and excesses that Information Technology all too often creates so that you can stay sharply focused on being the best at what you do.

The UTOT Advantage

We use a team approach that always begins with a Project Manager; your primary contact to keep communications and scheduling simple and consistent. Whether we’re working with you on an advanced systems integration project, day-to-day maintenance or an incident response, we provide you with a personalized consultative approach to ensure your objective is realized.


UTOT's technology consulting services combine extensive expertise and strategy capabilities to cover the entire range of your technology requirements—from developing a technology strategy to deploying solutions and optimizing the IT infrastructure and applications. Whatever your bottom line is, we can host it for you or build you one of your own.


Call us anytime 858-623-5881 or email sales@utot.com